19 May 2015

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Nothing is as exquisite as a custom tailored suit. Dynasty bespoke suits will help you to achieve the ultimate expression of individuality, style and comfort. Suits wardrobe truly is "bespoke." Choose from a wide selection of the finest fabrics for your own sophisticated style and every step of the tailoring process with fitting. It's never like an image of "off-the-rack." All of our suits, pants and shirts are made to measure exclusively to your measurements to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

                                   Classic navy British prince stripe double breasted, double vent

Black 2 button classic, single vent

Charcoal grey 2 button slimfit, double vent

Classic 3 button dark grey subtle pin stripe, single vent

Natural shoulder 2 button slimfit grey glencheck, double vent
Lighter blue Spring/Summer 2 button, double vent

Velvet evening blazer

 A set of tuxedo
A tail coat

Ladies' business all wardrobes

Dress shirt

This is how we build a real detail of our hand made suit

With customer US congressman  honorable Charles B. RANGEL

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Our goal is always creating a new way of unique clothing for your sophisticated style.
 We have a huge selection of  fabrics available. 
Please stop by,  you will have a memorable results with very affordable price.

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